(Photo: Effie Wister)

BABY ELEPHANT - Caprivi Strip, Namibia, Africa.

Claytor was working with a professional hunter flying anti-poaching patrols along the Angola border. One night there were traumatized screams in camp. The next day this little elephant was tracked and brought back to camp. The mother had probably been killed by poachers. Young lions had tried to kill the baby elephant during the night, but had only managed to tear off it's tail - earning the little elephant the nickname "stumpy." Claytor is trying to feed the young elephant a special milk mixture. It is very difficult to raise baby elephants because they require a low fat, high glucose milk and a lot of personal attention. This baby sadly died a month later being attended to by veterinarians in Etosha National Park. It may have died from poor nutrition, but elephants are more like people than animals; perhaps he died of loneliness.