Aug 2016 - Flying the Hump -- A journey by C47 from Darwin, Australia through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and "over the hump" to Kunming then Guilin, China --
Mar 2014 - Advising the 5 members of the Myanmar Everest Team on equipment and tips for climbing the mountain safely and successfully. The expedition members reached the summit of Everest in May 2016.
Jan 2013 - Aboard the Brigantine SSV Robert C Seamans in the waters off Tahiti --
Dec 2012 - In Myanmar, learning Burmese and trying to plan a climb on Hkakaborazi.
Sep 2012 - Hua Hin, Thailand. 12 teams competed in the Elephant Polo Tournament and King Power defeated Audemars-Piguet in the Final to capture the King's Cup. Team members: Khun Tom, Khun Nat, and Khun Tsu --
Aug 2012 - Jakarta, Indonesia - The Black Dog team invited by General Prabowo Subianto to play for HRH Sultan Ibrahim Ismail ibni Sultan Mahmud Iskandar Sultan of Johor against Nusantara at Nusantara Polo Club. The team lost by one goal and the Sultan presented the team a runners up trophy --
Aug 2012 - Flying a Pilatus Porter with Susi Air in Papua, Indonesia. The "Koteka" is the apparel-of-choice in the high mountains.
Jun 2012 - Introducing the sport of Lacrosse to the Kingdom of Bhutan --
May 2010 - Tom successfully summitted Mount Everest on 17 May 2010. He is recovering from 2nd degree frostbite on all his left toes --
Poster for "First Flight"Jul 2009 - The movie FIRST FLIGHT has was released in the theaters in Thailand on 31 Jan 2008 under its Thai name "Rak Siam Tao Fah" and it is now available on VCD with English subtitles. The film premiered at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in May 2007 and was well-received. Tom has been helping with this film for several years -- Article SKY OF DREAMS (Nation Newspaper). The film is about the early days of aviation in the Kingdom of Siam. Tom plays the role the French pilot "Pierre" in this film. Tom also did the aerial photography for the film and several other things. The film is about the meeting of two cultures -- "East meets West" -- before World War I, when the airplanes were made out of wood, and the pilots were made out of iron. It is a film about believing in the power of your dream and it is based on fact that Siam sent over 70 pilots with their Expeditionary Forces to support the allies in France during World War I.
Dec 2007 - Completed a several month expedition through Mongolia, Siberia and China. Was invited to play for Mongolia against China (Outer Mongolia) in Feb 2008 in the Gobi Desert. Temperature -20*C. Painting by Susan Howe.
Timmissartok FoundationNov 2007 - Grant Recipients Wan and Mou have returned home after 5 years, 11 months and 1 day bike trip around the world. They are now planning a river trip through Thailand --


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