The following photographs from Tom Claytor's "Bush Pilot - Seven Continents Expedition" are available to download for free. Photos on this page are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license with the requested attribution of -- "Photo courtesy of Tom Claytor -" - if you use or publish any of these photographs. Thank you.


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picCongoPaintingTomClaytor.jpg (2397816 bytes) Painting - "Timmissartok Over Congo" (Oil on canvas by Larry Norton)
picSaharaPaintingTomClaytor.jpg (1322377 bytes) Painting - "Timmissartok Approaching Timbuktu" (Oil on canvas by Larry Norton)
Painting - "Sahara Flight" Oil on canvas by Larry Norton - (c) by Larry Norton (Owner: Mars family)
picTreehouseTomClaytor.jpg (539819 bytes) Treehouse - Tom's home in USA
picNationalGeographicFlightOverAfrica.jpg (1219531 bytes) National Geographic Special - "Flight Over Africa"
Tom Claytor - Portrait 2007
picTomClaytorLesothoHorsePlane.jpg (409105 bytes) Tom & Horse - on a mountain airstrip (Kingdom of Lesotho)
Tom & Brown Hyena - Cape Cross (Namibia)
picTomClaytorPropVertical.jpg (263327 bytes) Tom & "Timmissartok" - Standing by propeller (Skeleton Coast, Namibia)
picTomClaytorWhiteRhinoTimbuvati.jpg (555735 bytes) Tom & White Rhino - Timbuvati (South Africa)
Tom at "Office" - Skeleton Coast (Namibia)
picTomClaytorAbuElephant.jpg (870002 bytes) Tom & Abu - Abu's Camp, Okavango Delta (Botswana)
picTomClaytorCambodiaLandMines.jpg (549917 bytes) Tom & Machine Gun - Siem Reap (Cambodia)
picTomClaytorBhutanStudentsTalk.jpg (574375 bytes) Tom giving a talk to school students - near Paro (Bhutan) (photo by Yasushi)
Tom & Bush Pilot Friend - Pilatus Porter on Syangboche Airstrip (Nepal)
picTomClaytorNepalKhumjungShoolTalk.jpg (578409 bytes) Tom giving a talk to Sherpa students - Khumjung School (12,500' Nepal)
Tom Claytor with the First Bhutanese Flag on the Summit of Mount Everest (17 May 2010)
Tom visiting the Dzong - Thimphu (Kingdom of Bhutan)
Tom on Thebane Ntlenyana - Summit of Drakensberg Massif (Kingdom of Lesotho)
Tom and the wreck of Dr. Bernard Grzimek's Dornier DO-27 (of the documentary "Serengeti Shall Not Die") on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
National Geographic Film Crew for "Flight Over Africa" - Bob Poole, Mark Roy, Chris Weber, Nigel Hough, Tom Claytor & "Timmissartok" (Zimbabwe)
Tom building an Igloo in winter 1991 - Illulissat (Greenland)
Tom & Tracks - Diamond Mining Area (Namibia)
Tom & National Geographic Crew filming "Flight Over Africa" - Skeleton Coast (Namibia) (Photo by Mark Roy)
picGreenlandPlaneDogsledTomClaytor.jpg (420384 bytes) Tom & Dog Team - Sea ice off the west coast of Greenland (Winter - Jan 1991)
picNamibDesertPlaneTomClaytor.jpg (541868 bytes) Plane & Shadow - flying over the Namib Desert (Namibia) (Photo by Mark Roy)
Plane flying under the bridge - Victoria Falls Gorge (Zimbabwe) (Photo by Mark Roy)
Leaving Home - 02 Dec 1990 (Pennsylvania) (Photo by Visions)
picIcelandDO27TomClaytor.jpg (329706 bytes) Bush Flying in Iceland - Vatnajokull glacier in the background (Iceland)
picTomClaytorTimbuktuFriends.jpg (535615 bytes) Tom & Camel - with plane and friends in Timbuktu (Mali)
picElephantChargeSavutiTomClaytor.jpg (582582 bytes) Tom & Angry Elephant - On Savuti Airstrip (Botswana) (photo by Larry Norton)
picLesothoCampTomClaytor.jpg (467321 bytes) Tom & Plane - Camping in the Mountains (Kingdom of Lesotho)
Tom & Bush Pilot Gino Noli - Luderitz (Namibia)
picEthiopiaAmharaVillagersRasDashenTomClaytor.jpg (674239 bytes) Tom & Amhara Villagers - Simien Mountains (Ethiopia)
picTomClaytorMoweBay.jpg (248513 bytes) Tom & Plane - Mowe Bay on the Skeleton Coast (Namibia)
Tom & Park Rangers - Aerial Survey of "Parc W" at the time when the military took over the government (Niger)
picTomClaytorChinaFlag101.jpg (527498 bytes) Tom & Soldiers - with Explorers Club flag in Hangzhou (China)
Tom & Otavi Shipwreck - Skeleton Coast (Namibia)
picTomClaytorBushmenTracking.jpg (489439 bytes) Tom & Bushman Trackers - Radio tracking lions in the Kalahari Desert (Africa)
picTomClaytorSerengeti.jpg (216889 bytes) Tom & Land Rover - Serengeti (Tanzania)
Tom & Tame Cheetah - Cattle Farm (Namibia)
picTomClaytorVideoOrphanElephant.jpg (458615 bytes) Tom & Orphaned Elephant - Transvaal (South Africa)
Tom & Orphaned Elephant in Bed - Hunting Camp, Caprivi Strip (Namibia)

Photography from Elephant Back - Chitwan National Park (Nepal)

Tom Claytor with Tony & Mike Dyer - Elephant hunt for crop raider (farm in Northern Kenya)
Tom with Polo Friend Ingie Benson & Plane - Karkloof Polo Field (South Africa)
Tom & Meerkats (South Africa)
Tom on Margherita - Summit of Ruwenzori Mountains (16,763' Uganda)
Tom on Kibo - Camped at Ruesch Crater near the Summit of Kilimanjaro (19,340' Tanzania)
Tom kayaking Zambezi River Gorge - Beneath Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) (Photo by Larry Norton)
Tom & Lt. Col. Hla Min - Head of Military Intelligence (Burma)
picPoloThailandTomClaytor.jpg (426154 bytes) Tom & Polo Friends - Siam Polo (Thailand)
Tom & Polo Friends - Mugs Mug Tournament in Timau (Kenya)
picElePoloNepalTeam2001.jpg (505968 bytes) Elephant Polo - King's Cup Champions "Chivas Regal - Nepal" September 2001 (Thailand)
picZEBRApoloJEEPtomclaytor.jpg (553557 bytes) Tom & "Zebra Polo" - Advertisement for Jeep (Thailand)
picElephantPoloNepalTomClaytor.jpg (290944 bytes) Elephant Polo - Tiger Tops (Nepal)
Tom bush flying with the Wilga - Klang Dong (Thailand)
picLesothoMatekaneAirstripTomClaytor.jpg (877606 bytes) Matekane Airstrip - elevation 7,000' length 400 m (Kingdom of Lesotho - Photo by Tom Claytor)
De-Horning White Rhino to protect them from poachers - Lake Kyle (Zimbabwe - Photo by Tom Claytor)
Young Boy in a field where his father and brother were killed - Civil war in Monrovia (Liberia - Photo by Tom Claytor)
Killing Fields at the end of the runway - Spriggs Payne Airport (Liberia)
picBullElephantTomClaytor.jpg (395159 bytes) Bull Elephant in Africa (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picNepalVillagerKhukuriTomClaytor.jpg (497750 bytes) Villager with Khurkuri - Namche Bazaar (Nepal - Photo by Tom Claytor)
picBainesBaobobsBotswanaTomClaytor.jpg (634761 bytes) Timmissartok at Baine's Baobabs - Magkadigadi Pan (Botswana) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picBurmaGongChildTomClaytor.jpg (527331 bytes) Young boy with TeeZee (temple gong) - Bagan (Burma) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picKolmanskopNamibiaTomClaytor.jpg (513659 bytes) Kolmanskop - Diamond Mining Ghost Town (Namibia) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picCongoElephantPygmeeHuntersTomClaytor.jpg (609002 bytes) Aka Pygmee Elephant Hunters - Ndoki Swamp (Northern Congo) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picElephantCattleZimbabweTomClaytor.jpg (632646 bytes) Rory Hensman's Elephants - Herding Cattle (Zimbabwe) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picGeorgeAdamsonTomClaytor.jpg (690806 bytes) George Adamson - with Lion Cubs in Kora (Kenya) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picLesothoBasothoPony.jpg (682734 bytes) Basotho Pony in the mountains (Kingdom of Lesotho) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picTibetKamphaLeicaTomClaytor.jpg (458367 bytes) Tibetan Khampa - with Tom's Camera (Nepal) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Tuareg Nomad - Tamanrasset (Algeria) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picTsingyMadagascarTomClaytor.jpg (912456 bytes)

Tsingi Rock Forests - Aerial Photo (Madagascar) (Photo by Tom Claytor)

Larry Norton - Painting "Sahara Flight" on a roof top (Algeria) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Gun Traders with RPG-7 - Gun Souk outside of Sana'a (Yemen) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Bhutanese "Spirit Trap" (Bhutan) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Camel Racing - Sultanate of Oman (Arabia) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Claytor "Wing Mount" - for shooting DVD aerials (Made in Lesotho) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picPilatusPorterNepalTomClaytor.jpg (636566 bytes) Pilatus Porter - Syangboche Airstrip (Nepal) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Elephant Safari - Okavango Delta (Botswana) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picBhutanHMTheKingWivesTomClaytor.jpg (293427 bytes) H.M. The King of Bhutan with his wives
picBhutanLungtaTomClaytor.jpg (379759 bytes) Lungta "wind horse" (Bhutan) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picBurmeseColonialHouseTomClaytor.jpg (602553 bytes) Colonial Relic - Yangon (Burma) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Drakensberg Mountains (Kingdom of Lesotho) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Arabian Desert - Sultanate of Oman (Arabia) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picNamibDuneTomClaytor.jpg (417875 bytes) Sand dune in the Namib Desert (Namibia) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Hoggar Massif - Tamanrasset (Algeria) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Lake Telle - home of the legendary dinosaur "mokele-mbembe" (Nothern Congo) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
Batian (17,058') - Summit of Mount Kenya (Kenya) (Photo by James Hersov)
Falconry (Arab Emirates) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picTwinOtterNepalTomClaytor.jpg (459854 bytes) DeHavilland Twin Otter (Nepal) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
The Potto - Bosman's Potto from Kisingani (Zaire) (Photo by Tom Claytor)

LOW RESOLUTION PICTURES (100 dpi - smaller size)

[Click image to enlarge]
picTomClaytorGrandmotherMaryIngersoll.jpg (45382 bytes) Tom Claytor's grandmother, Mary Ingersoll, at Wing's Field, Pennsylvania (with her Waco-F biplane)

picThatPlacePaintingLarryNorton.jpg (74658 bytes)

Painting - "That Place" (Watercolor by Larry Norton in West Africa)
picTomGreenlandDogs.jpg (39830 bytes) Tom & Dogsled Team - North of Ilullissat, Winter 1991 (Greenland)
picTomElephantInBed.jpg (60745 bytes)

Tom in bed with an elephant - Caprivi Strip (Namibia)

picTomElephantGroundhandling.jpg (62913 bytes)

Tom & Elephant pulling plane - ground handling (Thailand)

picTomAngRitaSherpa.jpg (63884 bytes)

Tom & Ang Rita Sherpa (10 times on the summit of Mount Everest without Oxygen)  - Kathmandu (Nepal)

picTomChimp.jpg (79948 bytes)

Tom & Chimpanzee - at "Broadlands" (South Africa)

picTomPoloKenya.jpg (55958 bytes)

Horse Polo - "Mug's Mug Tournament" (Timau, Kenya)

picTomLeavingHome.jpg (47742 bytes)

02 December 1990 - "Leaving Home" (Wings Field, Pennsylvania)

picTomLeavingDad.jpg (46634 bytes) Tom & Dad - "saying goodbye" (Wings Field)
picTomCockpit.jpg (91423 bytes)

Cockpit - Instrument panel of "Timmissartok"

picTomWaterskiing.jpg (56543 bytes)

Airplane Waterskiing - Zimbabwe

picLaosLongTien.jpg (111440 bytes) Photo of Long Tien Airstrip - former "Air America" airbase (northern Laos) (Photo by Tom Claytor)
picFFpilots.JPG (108432 bytes) "First Flight" Airmen (Thailand) --
picFFaerialTeam.JPG (152795 bytes) First Flight Aerial team
picFFpierreWaitingBuffalo.JPG (116646 bytes) Pierre distracting the buffalo from the airstrip
picFirstFlightPierreWife.jpg (139693 bytes) Pierre and his wife on the film set of "First Flight"
picHanoiGeneralGiapTom.jpg (38358 bytes) Tom Claytor visits General Vo Nguyen Giap - Tea at the General's house during Tet Holiday 2002 (Hanoi, Vietnam)
picHanoiLanding31oct2001ThuyPlane.jpg (85674 bytes) Landing in Hanoi on 31 October 2001 - Welcome by Em Thuy of VTV (Vietnam)
picTomElePoloGroup.jpg (65621 bytes)

Elephant Polo - Chitwan (Nepal)

picTomClaytorElephantPoloReuters.jpg (327300 bytes) Elephant Polo - Hua Hin 2003 (Photo by Reuters)
picElePoloTomOutStandingInTheRain.jpg (20471 bytes) Elephant Polo - Hua Hin 2002 "Out Standing in the Rain" 
picKittyhawkBirddogbig.jpg (162640 bytes) Tom Claytor flying a Tango Squadron 0-1 Birddog past the U.S. Aircraft Carrier Kittyhawk in Thailand (prior to 9/11) (Photo courtesy of Khun Rewadee & Dr. Choladhis)
picWilgaTom.jpg (52990 bytes) PZL-104 "Wilga-80" - Flying in Thailand
picFFPierreBreguetSunset.jpg (80143 bytes) "Pierre" - On the film set of the movie "First Flight" - January 2003 (Nakhon Sawan, Thailand)
picTomAkaPygmeeHunters.jpg (120765 bytes)

Tom & Aka Pygmee Elephant Hunters - Ndoki Swamp (Congo)

picTomYakLhasaTibet.jpg (91634 bytes)

Tom & Yak - in front of Potala Palace (Lhasa, Tibet)

picTomTurnandSlipInn.jpg (102909 bytes)

"Turn and Slip Inn"

picTomCrownPrinceNepal.jpg (69021 bytes)

Tom Claytor & H.R.H. Prince Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev with Explorers Club Flag (Kathmandu, Nepal)

picTomLordHunt.jpg (52151 bytes)

Tom Claytor & Lord Hunt 1991 - London (England)

picTomMissNepal.jpg (48055 bytes)

Tom & Jharana Bajracharya "Miss Nepal 1998" - Kathmandu (Nepal)

picTomYemen.jpg (58783 bytes)

Tom & Yemeni Arab - Gun Souk near Sana'a (Yemen)

Obama's House in Jakarta - Jalan Taman Amir Hamzah, No. 22, Kelurahan Pegangsaan, Kecamakan Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

Documents and Letters of interest: Letter from George Bush, Kingdom of Lesotho Maintenance Authorization, Invitation to Madagascar Exhumation Ceremony, Brief Zimbabwe Detention,

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